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Feature Friday: Plant Care
A selection of 4 different indoor plants packed in a beautiful fall themed tin

planter. Perfect as a center piece or on your mantle to add to your fall d├ęcor.

Water: Tropicals don't like to be over watered. Test the soil by touching it and if you have soil

stuck on your finger don't water. When there i...

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Plant Care: Mums
Premium Mums that are full and
beautiful! Available in orange,
yellow or purple.

Light: Mums prefer full sunlight during the growing season, and

not enough sunlight will result in a weaker plant that will produce

fewer flower heads. However, blooms will last longer if they are

moved to a shadier spot afte...

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World Water Day - March 22
March 22nd is World Water Day by the UN. Learn what we do to help conserve water in the greenhouse!
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The (Spring) Plant Process
Take a look inside the greenhouse as we show you how the process works!
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Dirt is Not Soil (and other fun facts)
Soil is the foundation of all our gardens, is a non-renewable resource and is a living thing.
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Pandemic Gardening
How has the pandemic affected a beloved hobby?
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COVID Safe Fundraising
What GSF is doing to keep fundraising SAFE.
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Meet Jeremy
The man with the big smile.
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Thank you
Just a quick thank you.
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Friday Feature

My name is Mya! I have been in customer service for over seven years. I am a super dedicated individual committed to making sure your experiences is the most memorable and as helpful as it can be.

I am someone who enjoys adventure and exploring new areas. I like pushing myself to expand and continuou...

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