New Website!?

08-25-2020 07:33 PM By Victoria

The words "new" written over and over in pink, the very last one filled in with a sunflower background.

Bienvenue. Welkom. Witamy.

We are very excited to introduce to you our brand new website! And we get to share this part with all of you! Most have taken part in our plant fundraisers for years now and we owe it all to you. To know we played a small part in helping a community build a playground, helped a little boy get the right cancer treatment, a sports team get new jerseys or even a grad class afford a trip. We are only the middle man in the grande scheme of things but we do this because we care. We care about helping people. We are here to help you achieve whatever your goal could be. 

You are our inspiration and encouragement to do things better. With our new website we hope to have made information more accesible, easier to use and we hope it will bring a sense of safety in these odd and uncertain times.