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Our Purpose

Over the years we've made many connections with people who are raising funds for their communities - for the classrooms, playgrounds, jerseys, and trips. The kids that get to go to camp, or need expensive medical treatments. The grad committees, booster clubs and charities. Every one of you, your causes, and your stories, are what drive our team and our program. 

Let us help you make a difference.

Meet the Team

Jeremy Acker

Sales Manager

Our fundraising elder.  With 20 years of experience in the fundraising industry, Jeremy brings his passion for plants and community to our programs. He will do whatever it takes for a smile. His wife and 5 boys keep him on the go 24/7. When not in the office, or working on his hobby farm, he can be found running and hiking in the local mountains.

Victoria Riediger

Fundraising Representative

Your resident greenthumb! Our newest recruit brings 5 years of hands on, knees in the dirt experience. She loves helping people so it was about time she joined the team!

Jessica Girard

Team Lead

You could say she's the brains behind the program. Jess started with the fundraising team in 2011. When not in the office, she loves to chase waterfalls and BC's many mountain views with her daughter.

What Guides Us

Our Mission

To support our communities by offering healthy fundraisers with quality and customer service you can count on.

Our Vision

To be a trusted partner within our communities by making fundraising easily accessible and empowering those we work with.

Our Values

Honesty, integrity and professionalism

Help where help is needed

Creativity and innovation

Our people, families and communities

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Rainwater Collection

All our greenhouses are set-up to preserve water, and some are specifically equipped with large-scale rainwater collectors. The water is filtered and used to water plants inside saving thousands of litres of fresh water each year.

Composting Program

Each location has a compost for plant materials that do not meet quality standards, and this compost is saved to be mixed back into the dirt used for on-site planting.

Extensive Recycling

There is a clearly outlined recycling program, with bins in each greenhouse and office for paper, cardboard, containers, and food waste. In the warehouses, there are also larger stations for used plant pots, plastic wrap and other packaging materials that are collected and recycled back to the suppliers

Plant Donations

Growing Smiles often partners with schools and charities by providing plant donations to school gardens or events such as silent auctions to help raise funds for their cause.

Our History

See What They Say

-  Nuala  -

Great fundraiser to run! 

So many great resources to assist a group with selling the products. The whole process is seamless! The products themselves are gorgeous. A really good fundraiser to raise money!

Grande Prairie, AB

-  Alesha  -

These plants sell themselves! 

This is our most successful fundraiser by far. Growing Smiles Fundraising staff are fantastic, the drivers are helpful and we look forward to working with them again next season.

Okotoks, AB

-  Danielle  -

This couldn't be an easier fundraiser. Everything is recorded, tracked, and communicated! 

Would lead this fundraiser again in a heartbeat.

Lethbridge, AB

Working Together to Brighten your Day