Succulent Bowl Care

09-11-2020 01:42 PM By Victoria

A various variety of succulents bunch together, shot taken from above them.

A How To: Fall Succulent Bowl

Succulents are one the most easiest indoor plants to care for. There leaves are designed to hold moisture in so you don't need to water often. 


Let your succulents dry out completely in between watering. Drain any excess water.


Succulents need lots of light. Be sure to rotate your bowl every 5 to 7 days for maximum exposure to all plants. 


They only need fertilizer 2 times a year. Once in the spring and once in the summer.


Succulents prefer porous sandy soil that drains well. Over watering is the most common way these easy to grow plants die. Don't let you succulents be over watered. 


Ideal temperatures for succulents shouldn't drop below 15°C. They handle heat very well. Sometimes bathrooms have too much moisture so monitor closely and watch for yellowing leaves. Move to a dryer location and make sure you let your succulents dry completely before watering again.