Who is Victoria?

08-27-2020 09:16 AM By Victoria

A man in a blue shirt and a women also in a blue shirt holding a toddler wrapped in a green towel on their lap.

This is Victoria

Victoria is a hard working mama and wife. She has lived in Chilliwack her whole life and loves to explore the beautiful valley with her husband and baby. They are active in their church community and spend lots of time outdoors with family. Victoria also spends time being creative. She loves to paint and she is rarely without her camera. 

A woman wearing a blue lifejacket with a little girl in a pink hat and yellow lifejacket in a boat on the water accompanied by a man sitting behind them in a yellow life jacket.

Victoria has been apart of the DeVry family for over 5 years and is constantly amazed at how supportive they are. Being a full time mama, and a full time worker, always has its challenges. DeVry makes balancing work and life possible. Victoria is very excited to be apart of the Fundraising team because she is very passionate about helping people. Being apart of a community who also loves to help people is such an amazing honor and she can't wait to work with all of you!