Succulent Plant Care

08-13-2021 01:50 PM By Mya

Succ-essfully Taking Care of your Plant


 This 10 plant variety pack offers you the flexibility of gifting, keeping indoors, or planting outside. Easy to care for succulents are a great addition for anyone. Possible Varieties include: Echevaria- Perle Von Nurnburg, Miranda Red, Purpusorum, Affins and Pulidonis. Sedum/Sedevaria- Hens and chicks, Hako Chocokate Ball, Tetractinum Coarl Reef, and Lemon Angelina. Senecio- Mandraliscea



Succulents don't like to be over watered. Let them dry out between watering. Sometimes the bathroom has too much moisture for them to thrive.


Succulents prefer full sunlight all the time. Rotate your succulents frequently (every couple weeks) so they all get adequate light. You can bring them outside when temperatures are above 15°C


Succulents only need fertilizer once or twice a year. Once in the Spring and once in the summer.


Succulents prefer porous sandy soil that drains well.


Ideal temperatures for succulents shouldn't drop below about 15°C. They can handle heat very well.