Feature Friday: Photo Contest

08-13-2021 09:15 AM By Mya

Snapping moments that will live forever.

You may have heard us say "don't forget to take photos"! Or have seen photos on our social media of schools, and teams.

But why?

Here at Growing Smiles we are all about: you guessed it! Smiles!

With that being said we often don't get to see that moment when the plant owner and plant unite.

To see how the plants are incorporated into daily life, and the excitement it brings.

To see children involved in helping and passing out the plants to their friends, neighbours and family.

That is why we created The Photo Contest.

It's simple really, snap pictures during deliver day, handing them out, once the plants are home and settled in, and send them to us for a chance for your group to win a cash prize!

Who doesn't love taking pictures? This is a way to show of your groups hard work and give you a chance to win $250 towards your profit. Why wouldn't you do it?

You can send your photos to our email: info@growingsmilesfundraising.com