Meet Jeremy

01-15-2021 10:30 AM By Mya

The Visionary

What categorizes success?  

Perhaps someone who has accomplished a great many things in their life, while also growing and always learning.

The definition that comes to mind to us is simple: Jeremy.

He has been with the company since 2005 and has been the overseer of Fundraising since.

When Jeremy isn't hard at work he is out running, in the mountains hiking and exploring, or at home with his wife and five boys.

He is most proud of what we do here at Growing Smiles, and how far we have come.

To be able to help so many groups, and communities raise money for various charities, events, trips, and certain people; is such an amazing honor.

Jeremy often references the "Flying V" geese formation, which is about being a team and helping each other, because we can't take the full load alone. Truly showing how much of a born leader he is.

We all are grateful to know this overly funny, and radiant light, we call Jeremy.

A man standing with a scarf around neck in front carts of White lanterns.