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    An easy way to keep track of orders, payments and control your profit margins!

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Spring Registration is Open!

Springtime fundraising is as easy as can be;

Register today, it is quick and free!

With annuals, hanging baskets, and new product in store;

Join us now and fundraise for more!

Register by March 15th to be entered into our Early Bird Draw for a chance to win $200!

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Two boys sitting laughing while eating bagels next to red poinsettias.

Our Fundraising Programs

A display of purple flowers closeup with white letters spelling 'Spring".
Annuals + Veggies

The perfect fundraiser for Earth Day, Mother's Day or May Long Weekend

Between February and May
Late-April to early-June
A closeup of orange mums with white lettering saying "Fall".
Mums + Succulents
Get everyone in the back to school rhythm by running a summer fundraiser
Between June and September
Late-August to September
A close up of red poinsettias with "winter" in white lettering.
Poinsettias + Wreaths

Our most popular fundraiser! A healthy alternative to chocolates for the holidays

Between October and December
Late-November to December

What Sets us Apart

Flexible Pricing

You set the retail prices.

This allows you to choose prices that are reasonable and inclusive for your community. We offer suggestions, but ultimately you have control over the profit margins and how much money you can raise. At the end of the fundraiser, the profit dollars matter more than the percentage.

A shot taken from above a table filled with various succulents all in different pot sizes and variations of green.
Online Payments

Now accepting Credit Cards!

Accepting credit card payments is the most convenient way to run a fundraiser. This service is completely free on your personalized team website so all you have to do is enable the feature and start advertising! It's convenient and safe and saves you time.

one man and six women holding red and pink poinsettias in a greenhouse
Our People

We are here for you.

Our team is dedicated to fundraising. We have a passion for helping people and making a difference so our team is available to help with anything you need at anytime.

No Risk

Fundraising shouldn't be stressful.

With Growing Smiles this an easy thing to check off your to-do list. We understand that things can change at the drop of a hat, so if you need to move or cancel your fundraiser at any time - just let us know. No upfront costs, no fees, and no headaches.

Customizable Sites

Your website reflects your group!

 Our team websites are 100% free to use and can be customized to suit your needs. You choose what items to sell, any wording, and photos. You set pricing and have access to features like coupons and discounts and time-slots for your customers.

Green plants in the greenhouse
Outstanding Quality

Growing excellence for nearly 100 years.

Growing Smiles is part of a greenhouse that found its roots during the 1930s in Holland before coming to Canada in 1989. With that much growing experience under our belts, we were bound to perfect a few things along the way.

From Our Blog

Curious about what goes on Behind the Scenes in our greenhouse, or how to care for your plants?

Want to be in the loop, but not on social media? 

Check out our blog to keep up with the going-ons at Growing Smiles!

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