CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Click here for the latest recommendations.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Now, more than ever, we need to work together to keep our communities safe and connected. At each step of the fundraiser we can implement precautions to reduce potential exposure to our customers and supporters. Here is our recommendations for Best Practices while the pandemic is ongoing. We can do this.

Collecting Orders

  • It is best to collect orders online
        - Use your team's personalized website
        - Coordinators can manually input orders that they receive through other channels and process online payments
  • Send information to parents via email, social media and phone
        - Avoid printing and handing out forms as much as possible

Collecting Payments

  • Offer electronic options that can be done remotely, such as:
        - Credit Cards
        - PayPal
        - e-Transfers
  • Set up a box for contact-free cheque & cash drop-offs
        - Wear gloves while counting

Receiving the Delivery

  • Only a small group of volunteers with appropriate PPE
  • Drivers will wear masks and physically distance where possible

Handing out Plants

  • Plan safe pick-ups (contact-free is best)
  • Offer deliveries when you can

Planning Safe Pick-ups

  • Use a small group of volunteers with PPE

  • Assign time-slots to reduce congestion and encourage physical distancing

  • Plan a contact-free pick-up process such as:
        - Curbside
        - Drive-thru
        - Front porch pick-ups
        - Deliveries (especially for high-risk customers)

  • Prevent crowding
        - Put out signs with instructions
        - Mark waiting spots that are 6-ft apart with tape
        - Plan a one-direction loop for any lines

Reducing Customer Exposure

At each step of the fundraiser we can implement precautions to reduce potential exposure to our customers and supporters.

    1. Collect Orders online
    2. Collect Payments online
    3. Allow for contact-free pick-ups
A man on his laptop with a credit card in hand and a white mug filled with coffee next to it.
Step 1: Order Plants Online
A women with brown hair wearing a white shirt in a white car smiling as she drives
Step 2: Drive to Pick-up Location
The trunk of a lime green car with the truck lid open.
Step 3: Pop the Trunk
A blue car that is completely filled with flowers with the hood open filled with more flowers.
Step 4: Fill the Car!
Two women and one man smiling as they take flowers out of the trunk and side door of a SUV.
Step 5: Bring the Plants Home
Hnds in gardening gloves cupping red flowers and a succulent pot next to some pencils and paint brushes.
Step 6: Enjoy!