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Feature Friday: Plant Care

07-23-2021 09:15 AM By Mya

Tropical Planters

A selection of 4 different indoor plants packed in a beautiful fall themed tin

planter. Perfect as a center piece or on your mantle to add to your fall décor.

Water: Tropicals don't like to be over watered. Test the soil by touching it and if you have soil

stuck on your finger don't water. When there is no soil on your finger water.

Sunlight: Tropicals love indirect light. That means they can burn if the sun is directly on them.

Light through partially closed blinds is perfect.

Fertilizer: Tropicals benefit from periodic fertilizing. They should be fertilized every 2 to 3 weeks

from spring to summer and 3 to 4 weeks in the winter.

Growth: Tropicals prefer a high acidic, loose well draining soil that is high in organic matter.

Temperature: Tropicals like humid, warm locations. They do not do well

under 15°C or in a place that is very drafty.