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Feature Friday: Team Website

07-30-2021 09:15 AM By Mya

The tool that creates success and saves time!


Here at Growing Smiles we give you the tools to have the most successful fundraiser.

One of those tools being our Team Websites.

The team websites are designed for you (the coordinator) to make it your teams own, and be able to track orders, plant numbers, and much more.

What makes this system truly worth your while is that you can choose from five different payment options, select which plants you wish to sell, and customize the price you wish to sell them for. On top of that you are able to place your teams order online within minutes! Every order that goes through the website, it will count and at the very end add all the numbers for you for a stress free and precise order experience.

Also, readily accessible is all the resources you need to help you further with your fundraising.

·  Our Brochure

·  Order Forms

·  FAQ

·  Best Practices during Covid

·  Goal Planner

·  Parent letters

·  Posters

·  Sales Tops

·  And more

With detailed videos for helping you get team website up, wouldn’t you want to have an organized and stress-free fundraising experience?