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Feature Friday: Plant Care

11-10-2021 10:03 AM By Mya

Table Top Trio

A great gift idea.

Mini cypress, Frosty Fern, Gaultheria



Gaultheria and the mini cypress like to stay moist. Water frosty fern when soil feels dry on the top. Do not let plants sit in excess water (remove potcovers to drain).


For best results, place plants in indirect sunlight at least six hours per day.


At the end of the season, you may fertilize with a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer.


The frosty fern needs high humidity to thrive. Gaultheria and the mini cypress can be planted outside in the early spring in a well draining soil.


Protect these plants from any wind and extreme temperatures. Keep indoors close to 20°C or warmer. Gaultheria does better in a colder spot.