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Feature Friday: Plant Care

08-20-2021 09:15 AM By Mya

Succulent Bowls

The beautiful 9” diameter, ceramic, pattern bowl will contain an assortment of

popular succulents with a flowering kalanchoe. Possible varieties include:

Echeveria: Perle Von Nurnberg, Miranda Red, Purpusorum, Affins and Pulidonis

Sedum/Sedeveria: Hens and Chicks, Hako Chocokate Ball, Tetractinum Coral Reef

and Lemon Angelina Senecio: Mandraliscae “Blue”.

Water: Succulents don't like to be over watered. Let them dry out between watering.

Sometimes the bathroom has too much moisture for them to thrive.

Sunlight: Succulents prefer full sunlight all the time. Rotate your succulents frequently (every

couple weeks) so they all get adequate light.

Fertilizer: Succulents only need fertilizer once or twice a year. Once in the Spring and once in the


Growth: Succulents prefer porous sandy soil that drains well.

Temperature: Ideal temperatures for succulents shouldn't drop below

about 15°C. They can handle heat very well.