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Plant Care: Mums

07-09-2021 09:15 AM By Mya

Premium Bushel Mums

Three bushel mums, one yellow, one orange, and one purple.
Premium Mums that are full and
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Light: Mums prefer full sunlight during the growing season, and

not enough sunlight will result in a weaker plant that will produce

fewer flower heads. However, blooms will last longer if they are

moved to a shadier spot after flower buds develop.

Water: Chrysanthemums require more frequent watering due to

their shallow roots, especially in high heat or little rainfall. A

layer of mulch in summer will help conserve water and keep the

soil moist and cool.

Fertilizer: Mums are not big feeders, so it is best to apply a

dilute fertilizer several times before bud set

Soil: Mums prefer rich, well-drained soil. A good rule of thumb is if

the soil is good for vegetables, it’s good for mums.